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Madam Burcu
About Us

MADAM BURCU FASHION HOUSE has been one of the leading companies in the sector in tailor-made production with its expert staff and original designs in wedding dress production since its establishment in 1998.

MADAM BURCU FASHION HOUSE has grown continuously by following the technological developments of the era and renewing itself day by day by continuing its works with great care without losing the excitement and determination of the first day it was founded.

We aim to serve our customers all over the world, not only in İZMİR, where our company is located, by renewing our website in order to provide better service to our valued customers.

How do we work?

Let's design your dream wedding dress together.

Discover Your Style

We know how important details are, so our first step is to start understanding your unique style and vision. Our Style Quiz will help you discover what's important in your wedding dress and match you with a custom design stylist.

Design Your Style

Your stylist will constantly guide you, suggest fabric and lace, answer questions, and you're “OK!” it will finalize all remaining details until you are ready to say it. We will provide you with a custom draft of your design for approval.

Bring Your Style to Life

Production will take 2-4 months, depending on the complexity of your design. You will be notified with address confirmation and tracking details when your dress is ready to ship. We'll be available for any questions or help you need as you prepare for your big day.

Hundreds of Original Models

Large Collection

Our wedding dress collection, which is renewed every year, is presented to your liking with hundreds of original models.

Madam Burcu has a mission that develops growth-oriented strategies in the global change and consumption process, aims to provide quality not only in production but also in design, presentation, marketing activities, promotion, sales and after-sales, by establishing and maintaining relationships based on trust.

In addition to being a company that plays for leadership in its sector, makes a name for itself with the latest technology and innovations it has used, and sets an example for its competitors in this sense, we continue to move forward by continuing to be a company that is open to innovations opened to the outside world with its exports and directs the sector.

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